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jgives is the perfect way to reach new donors. We invest heavily in the promotion of jgives so you can be assured people will hear about your charity.

How It Works

  1. Once approved as a not for profit, jgives works with you to develop the promotion.
  2. Your jgives promotion will be promoted in our email to our database and stay on our site.
  3. jgives sends you the funds that were donated to your cause
  4. You send the donors a tax receipt if applicable.


What is jgives?

We at jgives know that charitable donations and activity is important to the Jewish community, and we intend to be the best charitable site for the Jewish community. We are a dedicated fundraising site that will revolutionize how you get involved with and find charities. We make the entire charitable process simple and direct, allowing the Jewish community to come together for philanthropic purposes and non-profit organizations worldwide.

How do I donate on jgives?

Simply click Give Now and get the deal.

Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes, most of the not for profits jgives works with provide tax receipts. Check the fine print of each of the charity pages to see if there are any further instructions.

Is my credit card safe with jgives?

At jgives we take the safety of your credit card very seriously. At no time is your personal information stored on our system. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. Your credit card information is never shared or stored on the jgives servers.

How do I get my not for profit featured on jgives?

Easy, just follow the information on our Get featured page and complete our simple form.

Why aren’t there more jgives?

There is so many worthy causes. Please let us know if you have any other causes you’d like to see on our site.