Help Provide Classroom Materials for the Children of Matan

Today's Charity:  Help Provide Classroom Materials for the Children of Matan

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  • Provide Jewish children with a proper Jewish education.


Help provide the multi-sensory materials necessary for the students of Matan - and all types of learners - to be successful in their Jewish education. Your donation of $9, $18 or $36 will provide multi-modal, interactive and FUN Jewish education materials to students in Matan programs, as well as to the students of hundreds of Jewish educators trained by Matan to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Matan’s goal is to give Jewish educators the knowledge and the tools to unwrap the gifts that every child brings to the Jewish community. As a Jewish people, we are only as strong as our ability to include all learners in the fabric of Jewish life, helping each person discover their Judaism in developmentally appropriate and accessible ways.

Since Matan's mission is to ensure that every Jewish student who wants to learn has access to an appropriate Jewish education, making a donation to the organization will make wishes come true. Matan advocates for Jewish students with special needs, empowers their families, and educates Jewish leaders, teachers and communities so that all Jewish children have access to a rich and meaningful Jewish education.

Help Matan help educators across the country so that ALL Jewish children have the chance to fall in love with Judaism.


  • Unlimited donations.
  • Emails may be provided to Matan for tax receipts.
  • If you do not receive a tax receipt and would like one, please contact Matan.