Today's Charity: Danger in Sderot escalates as a result of renewed tension between Israel and Gaza

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Provide 20 sandwiches for elementary school students who have no food at home
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Feed 40 adults at a Mental Health facility
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  • Safety is threatened in Sderot
  • Help residents feed their families
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With tension around Israel mounting, this is one way to help residents of Sderot feel a small measure of security – with bread on the table, and brothers and sisters overseas who care.

A Sderot resident describes the daily scene:

With four more Kassams this morning it’s starting to feel like the old days again. The first of four in succession fell at 7:58 a.m. the same time school starts and children are walking to school and there are buses full of children are on their way to school.

All four Kassam rockets landed in open space but that in no way minimizes the anxiety that goes on in a mothers mind who just kissed her kids good bye as they walked out the door, or that of the bus driver who has a bus full of second and third grade children.

What would you do in a situation like that? There is no bomb shelter nearby and if there was, how would you get 40 scared, screaming young children off the bus in fifteen seconds… you can’t.

As the bus pulled up to the school you could see the children running into the school which has fortified wall and roof. And now you as the teacher have to calm your students down and try to teach them.
One of the Kassams landed 400- 500 meters north of the school in a wheat field waiting to be harvested, but it caught on fire before that could happen. The wheat is gone.

Is it any wonder why children have a hard time learning, sleeping or why they wet the bed at night because they are afraid to get out of the bomb shelter that is now their bedroom? Can you see why parents don’t allow their children to play outside?

This is nothing new; it has been going on for the past thirteen years. These children (as well as their parents) DON’T suffer from PTSS (post-traumatic stress syndrome) because there is nothing “Post” about it, but rather they suffer from ATSS, Accumulative Traumatic Stress Syndrome, because the stress just keeps coming and coming and coming with each “Tseva Adom” that is heard in Sderot.

There is no stopping the trauma and no end to it in site. Oh there might be periods of calm but it is always there in the back of your mind… I know firsthand – I live here in Sderot.


These are the people that Hope for Sderot is there to help and the lives they try to bring comfort to. The support you show them helps Sderot residents remember they are not in this alone and that there are people out there that are standing with them.

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